Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skunk! Ugh!! Skunk!! Ugh!! Skunk...

I've been using the Peroxide Formula for years now, but never heard about the additional ingredients (beer and vanilla) until now. Things I hadn't considered when performing this particular cleaning procedure was about how to get through that thick layer of fur to the base coat. I just kept manipulating the mixture deeper and deeper. Turns out the beer does wonders!! Yay beer!! (Note to self: Buy extra beer next time as there was hardly enough left for the cleaning... What do you mean 9am is too early to drink?? Have you smelled my house??)

They say there are two types of dogs when it comes to skunks: Those that learn the first time (I have one of those) and those who never learn (do I have one of those?).

So ... my investigative hunt has produced this, my brilliant new house/skunk remedy:

Cleaning clothing: Wash as usual, adding one can of Coca-Cola. Yay for Coke! I wonder why in the world we ever drank this stuff. No... really!

Cleaning the house: Clean as usual, adding bleach and water to a mist bottle and uh, misting as you go. Set out dishes of coffee beans, or coffee grounds and dishes of vinegar. Open all the windows (as you can) and air out the house. If you can't open the windows, close the rooms with the worst smell and let the coffee and vinegar do their work. Refresh the bowls daily as needed. (Avoid any other human contact for perhaps a week; a month if you can swing it. (Kidding here!)) Boil vanilla on the stove. Do not, under any circumstances, forget the boiling vanilla. Burned vanilla smells only slightly better than skunk oil.

My dogs remind me of the "Blue Cyclone" story. One dog learned the first time, and the other, looking for his buddy to back him up, discovered the firstnowhere to be found. Luckily, because of the disappearing dog trick, dog two received his "lickin's" on the side of his neck/ear area. Will he learn? Only time will tell.

Good luck people. Have patience, know that all will eventually be well again.

Things you need for the PEROXIDE FORMULA:

  1. 1 Qt of 3% Peroxide
  2. 1/4 cup of Baking Soda
  3. A good dallop of Dawn detergent
  4. A beer (for the bucket) (not required)
  5. A dash of vanilla (not required)
  6. An open mixing bucket
  7. A bathtub.
  8. A good dog.
  9. Throw all together and wait 10 minutes.
  10. And rinse.
  11. God forbid, repeat as necessary.

In the event you have little amounts of Peroxide on hand, do the following:

  1. Yell properly at the dog for stupidly getting sprayed, AGAIN.
  2. Sniff the dog for the areas most pungent.
  3. In a small open dish, mix what you have in peroxide, adding smaller amounts of baking soda & detergent.
  4. Using paper towels, work mixture well into affected area and surrounding areas, until mixture is gone.
  5. Wait 10 minutes.
  6. Return to dog, yelling and muttering, all the while.
  7. Grab a bottle of coke on your way past the refrigerator.
  8. Work Coke into affected areas.
  9. Wait another 10 minutes.
  10. Rinse with warm water.
  11. Rub dry with disposable terry towel.
  12. Throw away the towel.
  13. Say "BAD DOG," again.
  14. Go to bed.
  15. Pray for a cleaner smelling dog in the morning.
Seriously, I hope this guide helps to restore your sanity, which is a fragile thing when dealing with skunk odor.

Be well,
~ J ~

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  1. Hi jamie :) Thanks for being one of my followers...I truly appreciate it and hope to get to know you better!
    I'm SO sorry about your skunk situation! Is there any worse smell on the Earth than that of a skunk...I don't think so! (although rotting potatoes is right up there!) lol
    Hope you have a great week
    My Cottage Charm